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Places of interest in Umbria



Assisi is a spiritual destination, the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi. It’s magnificently decorated cathedral and numerous churches commemorate his life and works. Above the bustling  medieval town is the impressive “Rocca Maggiore” fortress that offers one an incredible panoramic view of the Umbrian Valleys below.(68km)



Perugia is the regional capital, originally built by the etruscan people in the VI century before Christ. Today it has a wonderfully preserved medieval city center with many passages and alleys leading to delightful piazzas where the local population and the numerous students enjoy open air entertainment.(47km.)



Orvieto is a medieval gem. This city sits above a sea of olive groves and vineyards and is world famous for its “Duomo”. This breathtaking cathedral is one of Italy's greatest Gothic churches, stunning frescos inside and architectural features out.  Orvieto is also well-known for its good food and wine and their lively cultural activities.(64km.)


Umbria is also a place with marvelous gifts of the nature

with landscapes, little villages to discover and appreciate  such as the little artificial lake of Sorbara and the surrounding area or the closer little villages of Panicale (18 km.), Paciano (17km.)

and Città della Pieve (25km.) not mentioning the closest islands in the Trasimeno Lake (Km 5 ).

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