Places of interest in Umbria


Assisi is famous all over the world because gave the birth to Francesco d'Assisi. All the little town is rich of relevants monuments and  masterpieces of religious art of the medieval age with an unique and sudgestive atmosphere. (68km)  


Perugia is the principal town of this region has a wonderful position on top of the hill with a magnificent view, that is the reason why since the ancient etruscan people has chosen these places to build a town. It has been also a thriving medieval town.(47km.)


Orvieto is a little town famous all over the world for the Duomo and the marvellous paintings, but there also others tresaurs to discover walking around the little street not mentioning the good cousine you can taste in his restaurants.(64km.)  


Umbria is also a place with marvelous gifts of the nature

with landscapes, little villages to discover and apreciate  such as the little artificial lake of Sorbara and the sorrounding area or the closer little villages of Panicale (18 km.), Paciano (17km.)

and Città della Pieve (25km.) not mentioning the cosest islands in the Trasimeno Lake (Km 5 ).  

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