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Emotional art experience

Rain Landscape

What we do

This course is for all art lovers, not necessarily artists, but all those of you who love art as an expressive form.  I will share with you a fascinating experience “the expression of your emotions through your brush stroke and your use of colours”.

This we will do together through activating only the creative processes of your brain.  With your brush stroke, an unconscious code of communication, and your personal relationship with colour, you will create an abstract painting revealing your emotions and creative senses.

 The session is about 4.5 hours long with no more than 5 adults. (Special sessions can be organized for young artists, on request). We start simply with an exercise to create an unconscious connection between your pen/brush strokes and your imagination. We will analyze these strokes as a language of expression. Then we move on to discover your emotive relationship with colour, which completes your picture and we will analyze the whole work together.

The experience will take place here in Fonte Pecciano 1856, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan-Umbrian countryside. Depending on the season we could stay in the garden, capturing the surrounding colours of fields as part of what we are doing together. But if you prefer working on a specific subject I'll be happy,  if it is compatible  with the work of the other guests, to work on it  with you.

What you need to know

Artist with Paintbrushes

We have a small dog, our mascot, called Nihal who can be rather over friendly. Please let us know in advance if you are uncomfortable with dogs.

comunione fede5-2010 057_edited.jpg

A sun hat is advisable in the summer. Wear comfortable and practical clothes, as they could accidentally get dirty while painting.

I will provide all the art materials necessary for the course. While we analyze your paintings we will have an aperitif or cool drink in the garden, as complimentary, surrounded by the beautiful Umbrian countryside.

For prices and availability

For info regarding your tutor

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