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About the tutor

The tutor Simona Pollera, is graduated in History of Art specializing in Modern Art (University La Sapienza Rome 1996). 

Graduated in Fashion and Design (Istituto Europeo di Design - Rome), obtaining the first prize at the final fashion show.

She has a diploma in Computer Graphic Design (Istituto Europeo di Design -Rome) and a diploma in Interior Decoration (Accademia del Superfluo -Rome).

She is registered to "Accompany  Tourists" on their visits to the art centres  in Italian, Spanish and English. 

Interior decoration has been her principal job, freelancing in various part of the world. She has been teaching art and decoration to students of all ages and abilities for over 8 years; giving special attention to colour perception, originality and use of recycling  materials. She invites her pupils to draw inspiration from great masterpieces and to create artworks using their own imagination when today  mechanical reproduction seems more common and widespread.

Simonetta wedding planner2.jpeg

"Hi my name is Simonetta,

I will be your tutor."

"When I was 15 I discovered that keeping brushes and colours around me would be essential to my daily life. My passion is to convey to you my knowledge of colour and show how, with a more attentive eye, you can discover the richness of the artistic heritage that I love dearly and am so lucky to have all around me in Italy.

During my studies in Rome I discovered that creativity without technical and theoretical knowledge does not allow you to express exactly what you want to say on canvas and the risk is to become a painting artisan and not an artist. 

Learning from the great masters of art  plays a major role in one's ability to develop a concept in a personal and unique way. To develop your own idea inspired by the masters is a great challenge. Only by getting to know them you can finally see what you are not focusing on and registering when looking for inspiration.


I believe that each of us has the ability to express ourselves in a pictographic or plastic form. I strive to bring out the positively in my students and encourage them to develop confidence in their skills.

The atmosphere generated during the lesson is always relaxed and friendly."

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