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Welcome to

Art Workshop Holiday in Italy

at Fonte Pecciano 1856

on the Tuscan- Umbrian border

If you wish to learn more about  the history of art,

as an inspiration and resource to improve your painting technique

in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere;

this art workshop holiday in Italy is for you.

  • 5 Day Workshop for art lovers, amateur artists and decorators 

The art course you have been looking for if you enjoy creating with paint and learning from the Italian Masters.  Simonetta (your host and tutor) will give you a most enjoyable week in her old farm house just outside Castiglione del Lago on Lake Trasimeno in central Italy.  All the modern comforts in a traditional surrounding with delicious Italian food and wine served at home or in the local villages. 

In this wonderful location you will have the opportunity to learn the use of colours through the study of the Humanism and Renaissance masters with Simonetta,who will accompany you on guided visits to the art cities in the area.

  • At least 24 hours of painting and sketching with your tutor 

10 hours of talks on History of art and the Renaissance masters prior and during accompanied visits to the art centres; ample time for wandering around the local villages and socializing. The group size will probably be about 4 or 5, which is ideal to give everyone plenty of space in the house and plenty of opportunity for individual tuition.

The purpose of the Workshop

The workshop aims to give you more confidence during the process of creating the composition of colours in a painting. Your tutor will concentrate on the use of colour and the importance of selecting, preparing and applying it appropriately to express feeling and creativity in your artwork.  Making you aware of what are the rational and irrational aspects during a creative process. How during the Renaissance period the masters define the perception of colour using natural pigments and, with the rediscovery of perspective, how they painted man with a new conciousness.

The Workshop approaches topics such as:


  • Are we really able to prepare exactly the colour that we need?

  • How to create a particular palette for a specific work. 

  • Discover how we use a particular colour to express ourselves.  

  • The importance to use the colour as an instrument of communications of our ideas or feelings. 

  • To be aware of the importance of our individual manner  of seeing and being which is reflected  in our painting, creating our specific style and how we can maximize it.

Discover your ability to render

the fascinating power of the colours to express yourself 

At the end of the workshop:


  • You will have discovered the real texture of a colour, 

  • You  will know how to prepare colours for specific purposes.

  • You will have gained confidence with the use  of colour to express a specific message you wish to portray.


The location and facilities

Fonte Pecciano 1856 is a typical 19th century red-brick farm house, set in open countryside with wonderful views of the rolling Umbrian-Tuscan hills. The house is divided into three apartments each tastefully decorated with modern facilities. The rooms are doubles and can cater for sharing with other participants or a non-painting partner/friend (very welcome) as well as single occupancy.

(See Fonte Pecciano 1856 website for full details of the house and facilities).

The studio is well equipped and spacious although for some specific activities you can work outdoors in one of the many areas of the garden. You will be supplied with all the art materials and equipment that you are likely to need such as: water based colours, pigments, acrylics, pastels, inks, charcoals, brushes, pens, pencils and surfaces such as panels, canvases, watercolour papers and sketchbooks. Please bring a digital camera if you have one.

Feel free to bring your own brushes or other materials if you prefer.

Workshop details

Workshop Holiday  Details

Details regarding the schedule and the organization, dates and costs.

Let's introduce your future tutor.

Characteristics of the apartments in Fonte Pecciano 1856

Relax, be inspired, be encouraged, be creative;
make new friends from all over the world. 

"There is only one way to look at things, until someone arrives and shows us how to look at them with different eyes."

"The colours, like the features, follow the changes of the emotions." ( Pablo Picasso)

Color Stain
Color Paint Palette

Cheer up,

don't think twice, give yourself an unforgetable week, doing what you love,

in the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine and at an incredible price!

Don’t miss this opportunity  

for an amazing Workshop Holiday in Italy! 

for  availability and

 all other questions you may have

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