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Art and daily life in the Renaissance

A glimpse of the daily life of the artists and how Rome or Florence was


Do you recognize in it?

Ever dreamt of discovering Rome or Florence

in good company, with some of the main artists or antique personalities of the past,

and that they tell you the story

and help you to discover secret places

that even Romans do not know about?

A walk through forgotten places, quiet streets, imagining the day life in the past.


You will be taken in one of the most impressive cities for history, art and architectural elements in a way that you will never forget.


Let us plunge you into the beauty of the city and into a whirlwind of anecdotes,

stories, legends and intrigues.

If you want to

spend 4/5 hours sightseeing Rome or Florence with tips and suggestions on where and what really worth discover, and want to crab the  most out of your time, then look no further: this is it!

Take this tour and let the adventure begins!

How does it work

The walking tour normally is for a maximum of 5 people.

 We'll stop few times to view and discover hidden details of the town, and the story that you'll listen are for adults and for kids starting 8 years old (if they are good walkers) with anedocts for every age.

Surely  we will stop for a drink or a quick snack as the Italians do for the typical fast 10 minutes break-off.

Comfortable shoes, a rain jacket just in case, decent clothes that allow you to get in the churches.

That is all you need!

Ponte Vecchio
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