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What we can suggest in the territory

Wine tasting,  bike tour & spa: These are just some of the options and opportunity you can enjoy during your stay in Fonte Pecciano 1856. Just ask and we can introduce you all the activities that the surrounding area can offer to convert your staying in a wonderful, relaxing and emotional experience.

Sunset Photographer
Waiter Preparing
yoga pose
Close Up of Road Bike
What we can offer here in Fonte Pecciano 1856

 If you are passionate about art

get the chance to enjoy one of our workshops,

sightseeing in good company to Rome or Florence; 

or simply ask for rental equipments for paintings.

Paint Brushes

Day tour:

Art and daily life

in the Renaissance

A glimpse of the dayly life

of the artists and how

Rome or Florence were


 Art experience:

Emotional art in the countryside

“The expression of your emotions through your brush stroke and your use of colours”.


Holiday and art workshop:

6 days together 

 You will learn the use of colours through the study of the Humanism and Renaissance masters



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